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Since 1997, We Immigration Lawyer’s Office has been serving for visa procedures over 1,000 cases and other administrative procedures. This Office is a member of Combination Office also. There are 4 Gyoseishoshi lawyers and 3 immigration lawyers. These 3 Immigration Lawyers have rich experience related to Japanese visa and served for over 3,000 cases totally.

Almost everyday some Immigration Lawyer of our office applies for visa at the Immigaration Bureau. We have a great deal of experience in handling Immigation Procdure.

So we can assist you in various kind of situation through these rich experiences.

We have succeeded to get a reliance of our clients. So we have continued to support our clients around 10 years from entry to Japan to getting Permanent Resident or Naturalization. Sometimes we have continued to help them in other Administrative Procedures and Legal Affairs.

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Representative Seki Hiroyuki
Education Kansai University March ,1978
Bachelor of Law
Qualification Certified Gyoseisyosi Lawyer of Ministry of Justice for Immigration Procedure
Second Grade of Test of Practical English Proficiency
Second Grade of Japan bookkeeping
Services Every services for Japanese Immigration Procedures Permanent Visa Status
Support for Investment ,Incorporation, Business License in Japan and Japanese Visa Status, Drafting business documents and so on If you need another service,please confirm to me about that.
Languages English
Region Immigration Bureau of Oska,Kobe,Kyoto,Nara,Nagoya,Hiroshima,Tokyo, Takamatsu,and Fukuoka
In another Immigration Bureaus ,my service is also available.
For other administrative organs,my service is also available.
Working Hour Monday - Friday AM9:30-PM6:00
In other hour, my service is also available with an appointment.
Registered Member Japan Federation Gyousei Syoshi Associations
Gyousei Syoshi OSAKA
Certified Gyousei Syoshi by Immigration Bureau
Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry
The Society for the study of Immigration Procedure

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Address : 2F KOUSEI-BLDG. 2-5-5 Tanimachi Chuo-ku Osaka
Phone: 06-6946-5618

Tanimachi 4chome Station. on Subway Tanimachi-Line / Exit No.4

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