What is Naturalization ?

Naturalization is acquiring Japanese nationality. Japanese government doesn’t admit double nationality. So if a foreigner acquires Japanese nationality, automatically he/she loses his/her former nationality.

The applicant must submit the required documents to the relevant District Legal Affais Bureau, not the Immigration Bureau. In this application, submission of the documents by the proxy is prohibited, so the applicant needs to appear in the relevant District Legal Affairs Bureau to submit all the documents.

But before the applicant submits all the documents, we meet and consult with an officer of the relevant District Legal Affairs Bureau. And we help the applicant to gather and make required documents to ease the applicant’s burden.

Basically the applicant needs to appear in the Bureau twice for application and an interview. We accompany the applicant to assist the applicant’s application on his request.

Our Charges

Please see here about the charge.

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