Visa for Investor/Business Manager

What is Investor / Business Manager Visa

To put it simply, Investor / Business Manager Visa is consisted of 2 patterns.

1. 1 case is a foreigner establishes a company with his investment and manage his own company in Japan

2. 2 case is a foreigner works for some company as a President,a Director, a Manager, a Branch Manager based on employment agreement without his own investment

In these 2 patterns, requirements from Immigration Law are different.

To obtain the visa it is required to establish a real company and employ workers, then prepare everything so that the business can be initiated immediately before visa application.
It is often the case that the visa was not granted because the preparation was not completed by Visa Specialist. When you establish your company and apply for this visa, you have to take care about not only the Commercial Law but also the Immigration Law.

It becomes very risky without enough knowledge and preparation.
We have been involved in more than 100 applications for Investor / Business Manager VISA.

The flow chart for Investor / Business Manager Visa

( a case of your Investment and Management for your own company)

1. Preparation for Company Establishment
Preparation for Visa Application
We have to do these preparations at the same time to get the Visa as soon as possible.

2. Company Registration

3.Report to the relevant authorities
Acquisition of a permit or an authorization.

4. Recruiting Workers ( if necessary )

5. Application for the visa at an Immigration Bureau

6. Getting the Visa and Starting your Business

Our services for Investor / Business Manager Visa acquisition

We provide following support with our related specialists.

1. Services for Investor / Business Manager Visa Acquisition

2. Services for company establishment

3. Services for Social Insurance

4.Services for Taxation

Our Charges

Please see here about the charge.

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